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Diabetic Foot Care


Check your feet every day

- Look at the bottom and between your


- Look for cuts calluses scratches blisters

Wash your feet every day

- Use elbow to check water temperature

-Wash gently

- Pad dry between toes

Apply lotion daily

- Don't apply between toes

Use foot powder

- Rub off excess powder

Nail care after bathing

- Nails softer after bathing

- Cut toenails straight across

- Don't cut nails shorter than end of toe

Wear shoes that fit well

- Feet may not feel pain from poor fitting shoes

- Break in new shoes slowly

- Check feet often when wearing new shoes

Don't cut off dead skin

- Don't use corn pads

- Don't use wart removal pads

- Don't perform bathroom surgery

- seek professional help if you have a skin problem

Wear synthetic socks

- They will keep your feet dry

- Make sure they fit well

- The wick away moisture better than cotton

Wear shoes at all times

- You need to protect your feet even in the house and especially in the basement

Avoid crossing your legs

- This decreases blood flow to your feet and can cause varicose and spider veins

Take off your shoes, both

- Your doctor should check both feet every time you see him if you have diabetes

Cuts or Sores

- You should call your doctor immediately if you notice a sore on your foot

Don't place feet near heaters

- Burns can occur

- If feet are cold wear socks

Shoe fitting

- Try on shoes later in the day because your feet swell during the day



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