Ambulatory Surgery Center

The role of outpatient surgery in our healthcare system is becoming increasingly more important as more procedures are being performed in surgery centers. Ambulatory surgical centers provide many advantages when compared to the traditional hospital setting. Surgical centers offer convenience and personalized care in a cost-effective environment.

We strive to provide the highest quality of care at Belcrest surgery Center, LLC located in Hyattsville. Belcrest surgery Center, LLC is one of the few Medicare certified facilities in the area. We perform advanced surgical procedures in a warm and friendly environment. Having your surgery done here has many advantages. For instance, the staff used in the surgery center are also utilized in the office so it is more convenient and less intimidating. Another significant benefit is cost savings to you and your insurance company.

We have a strict $500 no show fee that will be charged to patients who miss their scheduled surgery appointment at our facility, Belcrest Surgery Center, LLC without a 48 hour prior notification.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for our patients. We strive to make your surgical experience as easy and pleasant as possible while providing Total Foot & Ankle Care!


Contact us Maryland Foot & Ankle Restoration, LLC and Belcrest Surgery Center, LLC are located in the Metro 1 Office Building across from the eastern side of Prince George’s Plaza Mall. Parking is available in the underground Parking Garage B accessed from Belcrest Road located on Freedom Way West. The Garage is accessed from the driveway between the Student Housing and PG Metro I. Visitors will pull a parking ticket to enter the garage. They must enter/exit at this location, as the other entrances are not staffed. Instruct the visitor to give the ticket to the attendant as they exit the garage via Belcrest Road. PLEASE NOTE WE PROVIDE PARKING VALIDATION in the form of a chaser ticket that is used after giving the original ticket to the attendant/parking machine. The facility is also accessible by Metrorail via Prince George’s Station (Green Line), which is located on the south side of East-West Highway, west of Belcrest Road.